If you want to understand the secrets of the universe, think energy, frequency, and vibration.”
- Nikola Tesla

Everything in life is a vibration. Everything you see, every sound you hear, and that which you can touch: it is all vibrating at frequencies that are imperceptible to your human senses. 

Think of this human body of yours as both a receptor and a creator. Your brain receives external information and then processes and organizes it in order to create your personal reality. Your eyes turn the sun into light. Your skin turns electrical vibrations in the air into temperature on the skin. Your eardrums turn vibrations in the air into sounds. Your body does these things involuntarily, but YOU are front and center: the creator of Your Universe.

Without a listener to perceive sound, it does not exist. It is just vibration. Without eyes to perceive light, there is no light, just vibration. Sit for a moment to understand the gravity of this statement: 

Everything starts and ends with you.

In sound meditations, we learn how to listen.


We listen not only to the external sounds that Nicole creates, which bring physical harmony into our often very frazzled nervous systems, but we also listen to the internal sounds… the sound inside of our heads; otherwise known as “thoughts.” 

Western society is plagued with the inability to disidentify from thought. Did you know that Buddhists and many other ancient cultures treat thought as the sixth sense? But nowadays, we have become so attached and identified with our thoughts that we cannot see them as separate from our concept of who we are. 

In sound meditations, we learn how to listen to these thoughts and to simply observe them, without reacting to them. With practice, we learn to create enough internal space to see them for what they are: nothing more than just another passing thought. 

Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response.
In our response lies our growth and our freedom.

— Viktor E. Frankl

As we create space within, our entire paradigm of reality may shift. 

As you access space, energy, and flow within, you will stop overusing the analytical mind. When you stop overthinking, your brainwaves regulate and slow down. Coherence comes in the mind, the heart, and the body. You are tapping into the essence and the power of your unique energy field. You are learning who you are, and clarifying who you are not. You are reaching for the divine, that which you are made out of, that which connects us all. 

This is an experience for your mind, for your body, and most importantly for your soul. 



Does it really work?
Or is this some woo-woo BS?

It works. This is science.

When you meditate, you are slowing down your nervous system, getting out of your head, and re-entering your body (most of us spend a large portion of our lives dissociated from our bodies). 

By focusing our attention, awareness and intention on the sound… we are able to slow down our brain waves from beta (every day, logical, social, task oriented brain wave state) into slower brain wave states - either alpha, or ideally, theta. When our brain waves are in the theta range, our attention has been redirected from the external to the internal, and we are able to access our subconscious mind. 

If you desire change but are struggling to actualize any, you need to work with your subconscious. Your subconscious mind makes up 95% of your everyday thoughts and habits. The subconscious continues to store limiting belief systems even when the conscious mind is doing the work. But, the conscious mind cannot change the subconscious. Only the subconscious can. 

This work is about deep diving into the subconscious to reprogram and unlearn limiting beliefs, toxic patterns, and self sabotaging behaviours so that we can embody the change we want to be.  

Please see the EEG scans provided, which show the activity of a meditator’s brain before and after listening to overtone emitting instruments. On the top, we see the baseline level of activity. The second screenshot shows the activity in the brain after listening to a large gong. The third shows activity after listening to the rainstick. Notice how not only has the activity has greatly diminished, but there has also been remarkable coherence and synchrony brought to both hemispheres of the brain. This research was pioneered by one of Nicole’s mentors and leaders in the sound & psychedelic space, Alexandre Tannous. 

of the
Sound Meditation:

The immersive sonic journey includes 5 chapters:

Talk: Nicole will introduce sound, the science of sound, its therapeutic and medical benefits, and how to use it as a tool for meditation.

Breathwork: Nicole will guide a breathwork session that allows you to transition out of the default mode of awareness into a heightened and deepened state, priming you for the rest of the journey.

Vocal Meditation: Nicole will direct you through the exploration and discovery of your own frequencies in resonance with the frequency of the collective.

Sound: Nicole will play a variety of overtone-emitting instruments, including gongs, Himalayan singing bowls, tuning forks, bells, chimes and more.

Connection: We will gather collectively to close the experience with an opportunity to share thoughts, feelings, insights, and revelations about our individual experiences.

Is this right for you?


This transformative experience is for you if you....

  • Struggle with the weight of negative thought patterns that control you 

  • Have experienced trauma that remains unaddressed and unintegrated

  • Struggle with your sense of self-worth & constant comparison but want to embody self-love & self-acceptance

  • Find yourself feeling overwhelmed, anxious, depressed, or like you’re playing a role that is not right for your soul

  • Are aware of subconscious self sabotaging behaviours that you seem unable to change, no matter how hard you try

  • Tend to give yourself away to others, constantly people pleasing, leaving none left for yourself to understand who you are or what your purpose is here on earth

  • Feel unfulfilled and uninspired with some area(s) of your life: career, love, self-development, spirituality, friendships, family, finances, etc, and are seeking clarity.

  • Are curious to explore altered states of consciousness in which we access the formless, the ineffable, the infinite divinity within us

  • Want to deepen your meditation practice and experience unity with consciousness

  • Are ready to stop playing small and instead embody your highest potential & most empowered self


Discover what others experienced and took away from the ceremonies.











Nicole’s Background

Upon her NYU graduation, Nicole left her background in finance and economics to pursue her passion of teaching yoga. Very quickly, Nicole realized she excelled in the energetic and intuitive arts: curating the energy of the room, creating space, and guiding others through inward journeys.. She quickly immersed herself in an exploration of altered states of consciousness, which taught her how to express the creativity that had until then felt so stifled. She began DJing,which ultimately led her to a deeper study of the more esoteric side of sound. She became captivated studying the intersection of energy, frequencies and vibrations and their power to heal human suffering. This, in combination with her many years of spiritual & philosophical study have created space for her to very quickly step into her role as a leader in this space. Since then, she has studied with teachers David Shemesh and Alexandre Tannous, who hold intensive training for sound practitioners. 

Today, Nicole travels the world facilitating meditations and guiding transformative experiences for both groups and individuals which teach them how to arrive in the present moment in order to heal themselves.

Make it happen

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