It is our honor and pleasure to invite you to join us for a once-in-a-lifetime journey to the...

Magical Galapagos Islands

Introducing Nicole & John’s final retreat in the Magical Galapagos Islands

April 14 - 22, 2025

This is your last opportunity to come explore the Galapagos Islands with us! 

Play with wildlife that can't be found anywhere else on Earth, join us for a ceremony on a tortoise sanctuary, & create new life-long friendships.

Let's remember how to be kids again, together.


We will visit pristine white sand beaches and swim with sea turtles, sea lions, penguins, and marine iguanas in turquoise waters that host a broad diversity of wildlife found nowhere else on earth. 


They present an unmatched underwater wildlife spectacle, offering the experience of snorkeling & diving with a diversity of marine life that are so familiar and unafraid of humans that they accompany divers. 

It’s not just the sea that makes Galapagos so special. The extreme isolation of the islands has led to the development of unusual animal and plant life on land, inspiring Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution by natural selection following his visit in 1835.

Immersed in nature, we will stay in a serene 60-acre giant tortoise sanctuary with endless views of the sea and nearby islands during the day and stars so close you’ll feel you can reach out and touch them at night. 

The pinnacle of the journey is that you will be guided through a sound meditation ceremony on the tortoise farm sanctuary.


We want you to connect with awe and wonder. We want you to remember the magic that you are made of. We want you to leave feeling lighter, brighter, and more like YOU.

There will be plenty of activities, and all of them are optional. Space will be abundant for both inner and outer exploration.

Importantly, we are working with our dear friends, who are natives to the island, to show us all the best to see. In fact, our friend Natasha is part of one of the founding families that settled on the islands in the early 20th century. Natasha and her father own the tortoise sanctuary we will be staying on.

The group of humans that will join us on this retreat will be special. We have had some amazing people already commit to attending the retreat, and we expect that, by the time we leave Galapagos, this will be a tight-knit group that will be bonded for life, just like last year's group was.

One of our favorite parts of prior years' retreat was the element of surprise. We withheld the exact details of each day's itinerary until the night before. This allowed everyone to surrender into the magic of the present moment. Everyone loved it. Likewise, we would like to ask you to trust us and surrender to the unknown magic of this journey. (And, if you really need the day-to-day specifics, ask, and we’ll tell you everything.) 

Here’s a sample outline:

The Experience

This is an all-inclusive experience. From the time you arrive until you depart Galapagos for your home, all meals, lodgings, transportation, and excursions are included in the price. There will be optional excursions available for a fee and opportunities to spend time shopping in town, but by and large, the cost covers everything but your flights.

During our first six nights on Galapagos, we will be in nature at the tortoise sanctuary. While it’s only a couple of miles from town, it’s truly a world away from any hustle and bustle. It’s the ideal place to decompress and experience the magical nature these islands have to offer. You will awaken peacefully to cool mist and birdsongs, and your nervous system will down-regulate watching the comings and goings of the giant tortoises that populate the area. Views stretch to the sea and the surrounding islands. The surrounding mountainside is beautiful and filled with trails, and there’s an old bamboo forest with multiple meditation benches. 

There is one "suite" available, with a comfortable king bed and its own separate lounging area, fireplace, and even its own cold plunge!

Each “tent” at the sanctuary is actually a cabin with canvas walls, a wooden floor and ceiling, comfortable beds, a bathroom with a shower, and a flushing toilet. 

The unique and inviting "treehouses" sit above the sanctuary with sinks and vanities within, and the treehouses share a common bathhouse. Picture luxury safari glamping.

There is a common area with a restaurant, yoga shala, several lounging areas, a fireplace, picnic tables, an outdoor grill, and hammocks to relax in. There is even a restaurant in one of the three lava caves beneath the property! Fresh farm-to-table meals will be provided throughout the retreat. The only potential additional cost will be for the craft cocktails that will be available (we all relax and decompress in different ways). 

After six nights in nature at the tortoise sanctuary, we will transfer to the most sought-after luxury hotel on the island (which sells out a year in advance).  Puerto Ayora is the largest town in the Galapagos (population 12k). We will spend two days and one night here so that we can also experience the charm of this small port town. Our time in Puerto Ayora will be filled with local tours, excursions, and free time for shopping and exploration. 


We are excited to show you the best of what the Galapagos Islands offer while infusing the entire trip with a spiritual component exemplified by the sound meditation ceremony. In our day-to-day lives certainly, but even on vacation, we can sometimes get caught in the hustle and bustle of things to do and see. We will see all the things! But we will also slow down, pay mindful attention to the Self, and go within; our Self and, quite literally, the earth, and emerge rejuvenated, our sense of possibilities expanded.  

The Galapagos presents us with unspoiled natural beauty and has been synonymous with evolution since Darwin’s inspired visit in 1835. Our vision for this journey of exploration is for you to experience play, adventure, and community. 

As spiritual seekers living examined lives... we often forget to have fun. We take the "adult" role we've been playing SO seriously and we forget that we are always children after all. We forget our connection with joy, with awe, with wonder for this human experience. 

This is the gift we want to give you. We want you to remember the wonder and the magic of this earth, of its creatures, and of your own inner light. 

We’d be truly honored to have you accompany us on this journey. We cannot wait to spoil you. 

John & Nicole

The Investment

DATES: April 14 - 22, 2025


  • 8-nights lodging
    • “Tents” and “Treehouses” are available on a first-come-first-served basis. There is only "Suite" available, ideally for a couple. 
    • 1 night in Quito Hotel
    • 5 nights at Magic Camp Tortoise Sanctuary 
    • 2 nights in Finch Bay Hotel
  • All transportation on Galapagos
  • Chef-prepared farm-to-table meals
  • Yacht tour
  • Multiple guided excursions 
  • Multiple waterfront dining experiences in Puerto Ayora
  • Guided tours of sights and experiences in Puerto Ayora
  • Massages & bodywork
  • Daily yoga & mindfulness activities
  • Workshops by John & Nicole and special guests
  • Sound meditation ceremony with supplements
  • Sound meditation ceremony without supplements
  • Preparation and integration support from John & Nicole before, during, and after trip
  • Optional photoshoot with our professional photographer, who will be capturing it all so that you can put your phone away and truly unplug 

Available for Additional Fee:

  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Personal excursions during your free time in town


Early bird prices (will increase July 1, 2024)

Suite (king bed, fits 2)

$16,000 USD

1 available


Single Tent

$8,000 USD

4 available


Shared Tent (fits 2)

$14,500 USD

2 available


Single Tree House

$7,250 USD

4 available



STEP 1: Apply Here

STEP 2: John & Nicole will reach out within 24 hours to let you know if you're approved.

STEP 3: Make a deposit to secure your spot! It's best to act quickly as it will sell out.

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